Nicole’s Good News | March 2016

So, for my first post I’ve decided to share some good news I received earlier today. Lately at my workplace there’s been a lot of concern surrounding whether we would continue employment as we currently hold temporary contracts. This was made clear when advertising the position and I chose to take the risk to leave my previous permanent job.

This is something would never have regretted. As thankful as I am to my previous employers I think we could all agree it was time for me to move on. I had gone as far as I could and I needed a new challenge.

So, for months we’ve been waiting to hear whether our contracts would be extended by one year, hopefully even five years. Today, our team found out that we are going to be transitioning onto permanent contracts, which is incredible.

It wasn’t intentional that this would be my first post, I’d had an idea to share any news from my life as, from what I hear, that’s how some blogs work – it can show a timeline of your life, an idea I greatly enjoy.

I had initially thought to do a weekly round-up however, this was too good not to have it’s own post.

So, from that news alone, today has been a good day!

Something to think about from this experience is risk. As I mentioned above I had permanent employment, a place I had worked for three years. From this experience I learned that yes, risk is a little frightening however, if you have the support of friends and family (and even co-workers) then that can do a world of good. There are times where you might want to rush into something however, on this occasion I personally weighed my options and decided it was best to move on (for reasons stated above) and, so far, it’s been working out really well! I’ve enjoyed the year immensely, yes I miss the people I used to work with however, I still keep in contact with them.

The point is, we can’t move forwards if we’re too afraid of rocking the boat. That isn’t what life is about, sure sometimes risks don’t pay off and that’s why you shouldn’t rush into a huge life-changing decision. But when the risk does pay off, and you’ve worked hard to ensure it pays off, it’s absolutely worth it.

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