Monthly Favourites: May 2016

“The way to know life is to love many things” – Vincent Van Gogh

I had planned to upload something different tonight however, doesn’t look like its going to happen, but it will sometime during the week!

So instead I’ve decided to do a ‘Monthly Favourites’, it’s the first I’ve ever done and I am totally unprepared! I’ve seen a few so I’ll do the best I can.

So, for this month I have been loving quite a few things and mainly during the last couple of weeks!

This may be obvious but it’s something that’s very recent for me and I’ve loved doing this past month! Whether it be documenting my Slimming World Journey, writing about Bucket Lists, my Goodreads Challenge list or my experience at concerts (one pending re. beginning of blog) it’s been fantastic and has really helped me get back into the swing of writing on a regular basis.

I’m currently working on a novel and have so many ideas for it but I want to get my writing back up to scratch, which was the initial idea behind creating a blog however, I’ve been so enthralled with the creation of it, invested in the content that goes into and been inspired for so many future ideas that I’ve found a love for it in itself.

I love that I can read other peoples work and talk to them about interesting topics and potentially make new friends. I love writing and to be able to write about anything I want on a regular basis has been wonderful.

TV: Full & Fuller House
So I know Full House is quite an old TV show (1987-1995) and Fuller House came onto the scene back in February (2016) – I’m sorry, I’m very late. Early on in the month I became obsessed. My sister was watching it and kept bugging me about it so I watched a few episodes with her whilst still on Season 1. I finished watching both series within a couple of weeks – Yes. I’m sad, let’s quickly move on, shall we?

I couldn’t help it! Full House was such a lovely and easy show to watch! It had heart, family, values, humour! I loved Mary-Kate & Ashley growing up so to watch them grow up on the show was interesting and completely ‘aww’-inducing! The relationship between Michelle and Jesse literally made me melt at times. Plus, lots of appreciation for John Stamos aka Jesse Katsopolis!
I loved that they brought in episodes including Greek culture as well (though that’s probably due to my Cypriot heritage).

I also really liked Fuller House. I can’t say I love it as much as the original, the characters on Full House were perfect for their roles and did them justice. I do think that the longer the show runs the more likely that it will become a great show in it’s own right.
The first season is always the hardest, finding it’s feet and learning about new characters. This being slightly different where we think we already know most of the characters however, I think we have to re-learn. I do love how they’ve modernised it whilst in-keeping with the original themes. I hope there’s more to come and look forward to watching it!

You can find both Full House and Fuller House on

YouTube: Joe Sugg aka Thatcher Joe
I can’t say I’ve been watching YouTubers very long, last couple of months maybe? At first it started with IISuperwomanII, then Joe Santagato, then Marcus Butler (all of which are brilliant!) and then Joe Sugg. So why aren’t any of the others in this months favourites? Because recently-ish, to be honest it could have even been last month, I found out about Thatcher Joe and literally binge-watched all of his videos, or at least the ones I can find on his channel. His videos never fail to make me laugh or surprise me. The others do this too, no question. There’s no explanation, this month has been a Thatcher Joe marathon of sorts. Please tell me I’m not alone?!

OK, if you haven’t already – watch and then come back to me and assure me I’m not the only one! (Pretty please? I’ll give you a virtual cookie?.. I’ve resorted to bribery,let’s move on!)

This seems like a weird one, I know. I’m also encompassing online window shopping because this month there has been so many obsessions with things I ‘apparently need‘. I know I don’t really need these things! I don’t need equipment for a home-gym when there’s no space for one;  I know I don’t need board games etc. although for a while I became  very insistent I did; I know I don’t need skincare products..Well actually I do, but not necessarily the mega-expensive ones. I don’t need a selection of Homeware items that were just too cute I couldn’t not buy them…

Yeah, I caved at that last one. I was actually online looking for a birthday present for my Dad, mission thankfully accomplished… But not before a few purchases for myself.

First up we have one slate heart-shaped serving board. Why do I need this? I’m not sure, I haven’t used it yet. I plan to in the summer, plus it was on sale.

Second we have another item from Debenhams.. Four to be exact. Set of four assorted mason glass jars. Now, these were a little smaller than I imagined (my fault for not reading it properly) but I don’t care. I think they’re adorable and while I haven’t yet found use for them (though currently I’m drinking blackcurrant juice with a couple sprigs of mint – so inventive! I am researching, I promise) I still adore them.

Last but not least we have an item from Next. I was looking for a heart shaped bowl because I heard that they’re smaller and so better for Slimming World breakfasts, eyes bigger than stomach and all that jazz, when I came across these on their website. They’re not exactly what I was looking for so alas they have not yet been used, but I really liked them! There was no other reasoning. I may need help.

I’m aware that these links will be of no use at some point in the near future, at which time I will take pictures however, as stated in the beginning, I am very unprepared so apologies in advance for when that time comes!

Healthy Snacks
I love chocolate. And savouries. I basically love anything which is not good for you. You know every once in a while someone asks you “Which do you prefer: sweet or savoury?” My answer? Both.
Not good, I know. So I joined Slimming World in September and so far have lost a stone, which I am so pleased with. I’m currently at a stand-still but I’m not too worried. I know it works and I’m determined to stick with it.

I’m not sure why but recently I wanted to try some different things other than the chocolate and other stuff that I was used to eating. I’m not necessarily planning a major lifestyle change in favour of ‘organic’ or ‘gluten free’ items however, I suddenly wanted to try something new and found that most of it is delicious! So perhaps a bounce back and forth every once in a while is in order – balance, right?

My favourites so far have been:

Nakd Cocoa Delight:
The first time I tried these I was surprised to find that they didn’t taste so much of chocolate, just very sweet. I wasn’t entirely sure how I felt. I decided to buy another but this time from Holland and Barrett. The lady there was very friendly and I was telling her I was trying new things, she told me that if I didn’t think too hard it was kind of like a brownie. Not so much the texture, hence why don’t think too hard. I tried it again and I really enjoyed it! So much so I went and got some more, plus on Slimming World they’re 6.5syns for a 35g bar!

Smokin’ Coconut Pecks:
I was curious. I wasn’t quite sure what they were but figured I’d give them a go. Oh my gosh, so good! They have the smokey flavour but the consistency, the only way to describe it is at first crunchy but also creamy! There is no logical explanation but that’s the only way I can describe them. I found these in a shop in my local town however, they only sell them singularly. I recently found them being sold in bulk from I haven’t tried the raspberry ones, but can’t deny I’m curious. Either way, at 8syns per 25g I have a feeling this will be a regular feature in my life.

I enjoyed these so much that I decided to purchase my very first Sourced Box. I found that, though I enjoyed most of what I was eating, I wasn’t entirely sure where to start in terms of trying other new things so this seemed like a great idea!

Social Media
This mainly refers to Twitter and Instagram.
Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had these for years! I’ve had about four Twitter accounts – one I’ve never used; one I got bored and decided to create another; one I still have however, has little posts and a lot of re-tweets and last, but not least, my twitter dedicated to this blog. I wanted a new one to keep it separate from the one I never post on. I wanted a clean slate and thought it was the perfect opportunity and I’ve been loving it. Once again the opportunity to connect with so many different people is incredible. Finally I’m getting some real use out of this particular platform.

Instagram, once again I have two accounts. Both of which I’ve uploaded very little to however, one is for me to upload whatever I want and the other is to assist with my Slimming World journey. I’ve found it to be excellent for keeping track of exactly what I eat every day plus there are so many others doing the exact same thing, which gives you so many fantastic ideas and the opportunity to learn something new!

There’s definitely been a lot more favourites this month, for example: Bouzouki night & Greek Dancing at a Greek restaurant in my local town was brilliant;
Busted Concert (I plan to upload a ‘Reaction’ blog post similar to my Adam Lambert one)
The book The Martian I’ve also been enjoying (the film was brilliant as well. I highly recommend you check out both if you’re interested in that genre, or Matt Damon -whichever floats your boat!)

So, my first favourites. I think it probably went on a bit and could have done with a few images. Next month I vow I will be more prepared!

Until next time!

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  1. PrisPieDew says:

    Hi, and thank you for following my blog. I hope we inspire each other 🙂 xx.

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    1. Nicole says:

      Hi, that’s alright!
      That sounds pretty awesome!
      Looking forward to reading more of your future posts! ☺️ xx

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