Slimming World #3 | A Long Time Coming

“You never know how far you are from achieving your goal… So never give up on your dreams”

A long time coming, that’s right! For anyone who may have chanced upon my post last week knows I was very frustrated when I maintained. I put this down to external circumstances and prayed the loss would show up this week. It did!
To be honest if it hadn’t those bloody scales would have gone out the window, that’s for damn sure! – But as it stands the scales are safe.. for now.

One week later and 5lb lost! I was more surprised than anyone, I knew a loss was deserved but I’m fairly certain that is the most I’ve ever lost since joining.

I say it’s a long time coming because I’ve been back and forth on the scales for a while now and I’m hoping that a loss like this will help me to get some traction and really go for it!

I’ve also titled this ‘A long time coming’ because I’ve no doubt there are a lot of people out there who are on slimming world, or any diet, and are debating on whether it’s working and whether to just throw the towel in – please don’t.

Personally, I was half-assing it which is why I’ve been so up and down. There have  also been times where I’ve done so well and thought a loss was in order though, and to anyone going through the same thing I say – do not give up. I know it’s cliche and I know everyone says the same thing all the time but hear me out.

Everyones journey is completely different and you will have your high moments and your low moments. Hopefully as time goes on the high will out-weigh the lows but it’s not going to happen overnight. It will be hard work and it will be a long process, but – and although I can’t say so from experience – I’ve no doubt the outcome will be worth it.

You never know how far you really are from achieving your goals, just keep chipping away bit by bit and we’ll get there.

I’m hoping by doing the same again this week I’ll be able to continue with the losses. This means Subway Chicken and Bacon salads (no sauce); sticking 100% to syns, plus keeping up with the new snacks etc. I’ve been trying (ref. monthly favourites blog) and documenting everything on the designated Instagram account I created. Plus I’m once again hoping to work in some Body Magic.

I have noticed that I stick to that more on weekdays than weekends and I think that’s because I have a routine on a weekday, so that’s something I’m going to work on!

Good Luck on your journey this week everyone, let’s smash it!

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