Enemies Unite | Chapter One

Anyone who may have stumbled across my previous posts knows that one of my reasons for starting a blog was to hopefully develop my writing abilities and try to write on a more consistent basis.

I think after all my talk it’s probably time I upload the first chapter. It is by no means the final version, if I decide to tweak at some point then I shall however, this is it.

Chapter 1

Shock. Confusion. Fear. All these emotions swept through the small town of Cathal one night. The explosions came swift and sudden. No warning. No chance to run. The residents of Cathal, some had fought in battles previous, but many had never seen war. If they had to guess, this is how they would imagine it. 

Their homes in flames, children scared. By an enemy? Worse, a friend.

King of Cathal, or one of them, ran as fast as he could to the very top of his and his brothers’ castle. As the tower came into view, the view ahead terrified him more than the view from below.

‘Brother!’ he yelled to his younger sibling, ensuring he was heard above the explosions ‘Please stop! This is madness!’

‘No, this is not madness’ the fellow King replied in an eerie state of calm ‘This brother is, what I call, a long time coming’

Breathless the older King looked on in despair ‘I do not understand. We have ruled, side by side for many years, since fathers passing’

‘Yes, we have, but you keep us weak’ he spat, turning to face him fully, his eyes black, while the destruction to the small town continued, as if on its own. ‘We are beings of great power, while you treat us like mere mortals’

‘Please’ the King begged ‘This doesn’t have to continue. We can talk-‘

‘After what I’ve done, you want to talk?’ he sneered before turning back towards the town, stepping forwards to show the people his face ‘Your King is weak. He will not fight for you. If you choose to follow him blindly then stay. 
Now I speak to the rest of you, who crave real power, crave more than what my brother can offer, do not show fear and come with me’

The townspeople looked to one another for guidance before their attention turned towards the Kings wives.

‘Come along, Derek’ his mother, Queen Angelina, called to her son, amidst the stares and whispers of those around her.

Her sister in law, Queen Margaret, rushed to her side ‘You can’t possibly be thinking of leaving with that madman’ she cried, clutching her hand.

‘That madman is my husband, and he is not wrong’ she replied softly, Margaret dropped Angelina’s hand, scalded by her words.

Derek looked back at his cousins, Adam and Cali, the girl half hidden behind her older brother.

‘Derek!’ the six year old boy called ‘Don’t go!’

‘I don’t have a choice’ the younger boy called back, clinging to his mothers’ hand.

‘Think of your son, you will regret this’ Margaret declared.

‘I don’t think I will’ Angelina said before turning to address her husband’s followers. ‘Come, there is much work to be done’

Meanwhile on the tower, the older King looked on in desperation ‘We’re brothers’

‘I know, and we will always be brothers but, as I said, this has been a long time coming’ before walking away he left him with one hope ‘Don’t worry. We won’t venture too far’

And that is why, still 20 years later, Cathal remains divided” Cayden Blake finished telling his best friends sister. He knew Adam wouldn’t be pleased at his decision to tell Cali the events of that night however, he knew she had a right to know. Also it was becoming increasingly hard to argue with her logic, day after day. Upon realising this he brought them to the very edge of their town, any further and they would be trespassing into enemy territory.

“How do you remember all of it?” Cali Creon, Princess of Cathal, asked

“It’s not something you easily forget”

“I don’t remember” she admitted

“You were only three years old, this was when, your father, King George and, your uncle, King Phillip were alive and ruling our land” Cayden reminded her softly, watching as she returned tending to an injured bird.

Cali held the bird in her palms, practically glowing as her eyes turned from a dark shade of brown to white, she felt energy transferring from herself to the small animal, smiling as it chirped happily to her ‘You’re very welcome’ she replied, allowing it to fly away.

Sighing she thought, she was well aware why it had taken her so long to find someone who would finally tell her exactly what happened that night. Everyone, and by everyone she means her brother, feels she is too young, too innocent and pure to be exposed to the horror. In her eyes, this was an injustice, at twenty-three years old she wanted to be treated as such.

Cali was brought back from her musings upon hearing a familiar voice.

“Why do you insist on healing every damned creature that crosses your path?” a young man questioned from the shadows.

“Caleb Warren, what rotten hole did you crawl out from?” Cayden sniped.

“Ouch” Caleb replied, dripping with sarcasm “That was awfully uncalled for, don’t you think?”

“You work for Derek, why are you here?” Cali demanded, though they were at the very edge of the woods, it was still Adams terrain.

“Oh, you don’t know?” he asked, in amusement “The Kings are currently holed up at the council, meeting with the Prime Minister. All very sudden. It must be something terrible if they’re willing to risk physical harm to our Kings. Want to wager on who will walk out alive? My money is on Derek, naturally” Brown eyes met green as Cali and Cayden shared a look of worry before racing back towards town “Come on! I’ll give you really good odds!” he yelled after them, smirking as he returned to the shadows.


Meanwhile, in Council, King Adam and King Derek sat side by side, in the Prime Minister’s office, their backs to the large window which had a magnificent view of Cathal in its entirety, while the Prime Minister himself sat on the other side of his desk. “Just so you’re aware, that’s where I would normally sit” he spoke, only to be met with stony silence as the cousins read their own case files.

“Alright” Derek started, already becoming increasingly bored “This had better be good, Freddie. You may have created this god forsaken position to unify Cathal but you’ll do well to remember your place” he said, narrowing his dark brown eyes in an almost lethal glare.

Adam sighed in exasperation, they weren’t even ten minutes into their meeting and already there was conflict “Derek, I’m sure if Mr. Frederickson had any other choice we would not be here. I assume you have explored all other options?” he questioned the man before him. Adam now narrowed his own dark eyes ensuring he understood they would allow leeway however, he did not like his time wasted.

“Of course, I would not have asked otherwise” he assured his rulers, running his hands through his flat black hair, beads of sweat starting to show as the meeting continued.

Of course” Derek mimicked “However, you did not ask you summoned, therein lies the problem”

“Peace” Adam implored “Please enlighten us Mr. Frederickson”

“Thank you” he nodded in appreciation “Mr. Creon and Mr. Creon… your majesties” he amended, quick to notice the cousins shift at the title he used “As you can see from the files, we have many unsolved cases, not only in Cathal and the rest of the island, but throughout the world”

“The world?” Derek asked, with a bored tone.

“Y. .y ..yes” Mr. Frederickson stammered “Page five shows many similarities to cases in Miami, Cuba, Bermuda, even Jamaica. These aren’t usual for crimes in the mortal world either. I believe they have learnt how to go back and forth between worlds, unnoticed”

“So, what? You don’t know who’s behind the murders and you want us to do your job and figure it out for you?” Derek stated

“Not at all!” he protested, his voice raised an octave. Clearing his throat he started again “With all due respect, we know who the criminals are, we just can’t prove it, that’s all”

“Oh, is that all?” Derek supplied, the question was rhetorical.

“Derek” Adam warned.

Derek was about to retort when he realised something “Hold on a moment, criminals as in plural?” Derek asked, glancing back through his file, Adam did the same.

“Yes sir, a team who are very clever. Excellent at covering their tracks”

“Do you have any idea where they might be hiding?” Adam asked.

“Like I said, they cover their tracks very well… sir” he added.

Adam closed his file and placed it on the other mans desk “What do you plan to do with them once they’re caught? If they’re as intelligent as you claim you must have thought about how to proceed once in your custody”

“Cell Tredicium” Mr. Frederickson declared, with immense pride.

“You understand you cannot imprison a person or two based on your suspicions, especially not without a fair trial” Adam challenged.

“I don’t know why you sanctioned the building of the damned thing if you’re never going to use it” Derek muttered, not bothering to look up from his paperwork.

“It’s finished” Mr. Frederickson announced, gaining the attention of both men.

“I want to see it” Adam said

“I can take you there now” he replied, eager for this meeting to move elsewhere.

“Let’s go” Derek agreed, allowing the file to fall from his hands and land with an ungracious thud on the desk. “We could take my car” he proposed as they walked into the lift.

“It’s bad enough you brought that polluting piece of machinery here. Besides it’s only five minutes walking” Adam responded, thinking how Derek was lucky his father had created a transparent wall, of sorts, when Cathan first divided. People could pass through unharmed however, their domains remained separate.

“And it would be less than a minute driving” Derek countered.

“Patience is a virtue” Adam replied.

“Patience is a virtue no one has time for these days” Derek responded, just in time to hear the lift ‘ding’ at their floor. Mr. Frederickson continued to walk behind them, rolling his eyes occasionally at the pair. “I advise you to stop that, Freddie”


Cali and Cayden hadn’t stopped running until they found themselves at the doors of the government building. The building itself was not overly large, only able to boast four floors. Arriving at the front desk they asked the receptionist to contact King Adam and inform him of their arrival.

“I’m afraid they’ve left with Prime Minister Frederickson” the girl replied

“Do you know where they went?” Cayden asked, desperately as Cali’s attention was drawn to the stream of dazed people huddled in the spacious area.

“Are they alright?” Cali asked, after hearing her response.

“A boat found its way onto the island yesterday. We had to wipe their memories of Cathal. They’re set to leave today”

“You wiped their memories? How can you be sure you’re not wiping any other precious memories? Or vital information?” Cali demanded.

The receptionists’ eyes narrowed however, her tone remained neutral as she knew she was speaking with the Princess. “We cannot be 100% sure however, I can assure you we have received the proper authorisation to do what is necessary” she informed the young girl.

Cali and Cayden started walking towards the prison, Cali ranted simultaneously. “Proper authorisation? You just know it was Derek who signed off on that” she spat “What ‘authority’ does anyone have to start messing with peoples minds?”

Cayden chose not to answer, feeling the question was rhetorical.


Finally arriving at the prison, Derek shared a pointed look with Adam “Five minutes” he accused

Adam smirked “Maybe ten” he replied, walking into the building.

“More like twenty!” Derek called after him. “Mr. Frederickson if you roll your eyes again next time I’ll make sure they stick” the Prime Minister nodded his head frantically in understanding, Derek was not known to make empty threats.

“As you can see, we have completely remodelled the prison. Higher security measures have been put in place since your last visit-”

“We’re not here for a tour, Freddie” Derek reminded him, glancing around, ignoring the prisoners as they verbally abused the Kings, they walked through the halls. Since coming into his own power the Prime Minister had made many changes, mainly concerning the judicial systems of Cathal. Derek understood he wanted his Kings approval, especially as he had no magical powers of his own however, he just wasn’t in the mood to soothe the man’s ego.

The prison was in the shape of a pyramid, almost like the Egyptians only high-tech. Cells lined each wall, the higher the cell the more severe the crime. Cages hung from the ceiling and finally they came to Cell Tredicium, located at the very tip of the pyramid. Unbearable heat in the summer, the winter would line the cell walls with frost, it was completely and utterly isolated due to meals and fluids being provided by machines rather than people.

“Cell Tredicium was built to hold one person, there are two suspects” Derek stated.

“Yes however, one of the suspects criminal history is far worse than the other. The second shall be held in one of our other cages”

“You would do well to remember that these are ‘cells’ not ‘cages’ as you call them and, while we’re on the subject may I also remind you that these are not holding cells Mr. Frederickson, only when a person is tried and found guilty are they to be imprisoned here, am I understood?” Adam asked.

“Perfectly” The Prime Minister answered with a gulp “Ah, here we are” he said as they approached the centre of the room. He continued walking to a control panel attached to the wall just at the side, once the code was confirmed there was a loud hissing sound before a much smaller pyramid detached itself from the very top and continued its downward path. The pyramid was a cage, allowing no protection from the elements, only the walls surrounding the building would provide the prisoner with any shelter.

“It’s very small” Derek noted

“Cramped, as per the instructions we received” Mr. Frederickson grinned

Adam nodded “Good job, Mr. Frederickson”

“Thank you, sir”

“And do be sure to give our thanks to the people who built it” Derek said

“Of course, sir” he replied as he followed them back towards the entrance of the building, once again ignoring the prisoners as they hurled abuse and spit towards the Kings and the officials. “So, you’ll take the case?” he pleaded. The Kings stopped at the glass doors.

“I don’t suppose we have a choice, I’ll have my advisors look into the matter and we’ll decide if it’s something we should be bothered about taking on” Derek drawled

“What Derek means is that we will think about it”

Derek furrowed his eyebrows “No, Derek meant what Derek said. Don’t try and speak for Derek”

Adam sighed once again, his cousin could be such a drama queen “Please send us each a copy of the case file to look over before we leave today. I’ll decide if it’s something we should look into ourselves” he said.

“Jeez, who died and made you King?” Derek muttered, chuckling at his own joke while Adam glared.

Just as Adam and Derek walked out Cali and Cayden arrived at the prison.

“What happened?” Cayden asked, wary of Derek.

Derek looked at his best friend and sister “We have work to do”


That’s it for the first chapter! I really hope anyone reading enjoys it – I’m loving writing this story. I’m no expert but this is something I’ve always wanted. The title is a working title. I’m also working on creating a featured image for this one, not my area of expertise!

Leave any comments letting me know what you think, plus constructive criticism is welcome.

Until next time!

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