My First SourcedBox! | June 2016

“SourcedBox’s snacks are all a source of…
Natural Ingredients – They’re free from refined sugars and additives
Great Taste – Only source snacks that are tried, tasted and loved
Convenience – Help to discover new snacks and save time every month
Simplicity – Taking it back to basics with natural, healthy snacks” –

The above is directly from the SourcedBox website. It pretty much sums up who they are and what they’re doing.

As anyone who reads my posts knows I am a member of Slimming World, this is prominent in my life so features quite regularly in my writing. In my monthly favourites post I mentioned I had decided to order my first SourcedBox – see, I enjoyed what I was eating (though have no plans to completely change my lifestyle, I just want to try new things) but I had no clue on where to begin.

That SourcedBox arrived today!

Now, I know I’m not supposed to do it this way but I did have a little sip ‘n nibble of the products in the box.

People do not lie when they say that box is jam packed! It’s actually rather heavy and the image I’ve chosen even cuts off at the end! (nuisance but works to my point)

As with most of what I’ve seen the box came very well presented, very good packaging and it looks like care had been taken when putting it together.

This is my summary of what’s in the box (don’t worry, nothing like SE7EN!) and my thoughts.

What a Melon Watermelon Drink: (5 syns per 330ml for those who might be interested!)
Upon opening it does smell quite sweet. Watermelon is an absolute favourite of mine. I could eat it any day at any time. It tastes really nice, I think once refrigerated this will be a really refreshing drink!

Nom Cacao & Raspberry Oat Bar:  (11.5 syns per 52g bar)
The smell is similar to a flapjack. The texture is quite crumbly but it’s really nice. Just the right amount of sweetness.
I think I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy again however, if I saw it while I was out then I would definitely pick it up.

Raspberry Ripple (4.5 syns per 20g bar)
Pretty much what it says on the tin (or the packaging). It smells and tastes sweet and fruity, but not too much. Very nice!

Orange and Cashew Granola (can’t find nutritional info)
Seeing ‘Granola’ I wasn’t sure if this was supposed to go with cereal or if it’s a snack. It’s quite clustered so I’m going with snack.

Very, very flavoursome! I love cashew but personally I’m not the biggest fan of orange flavours however, though the orange taste is quite strong I can also taste the cinnamon and nutmeg (which I absolutely love!)

Pana Chocolate Sour Cherry and Vanilla (11.5 syns per 45g pack but couldn’t eat all at once)
Cherry is not something I would voluntarily choose to eat. So sour cherry was an experience.
I have to say it looks incredible! Oh my Gosh, the photo does not do it justice as it’s very hot today where I live in the UK and I’ve been at work all day.


It is crumbly and creamy. Upon further inspection there are bits, which I have to assume is the cherry, though it doesn’t bother me as much as I thought it would.

It tastes on the darker side of chocolate (I’m new to this but I assume that this is the cacao), it doesn’t matter to me because I really like dark chocolate. This looks gorgeous and tastes delicious!

My sister tried this one and said she thought it didn’t taste of dark chocolate, she really enjoyed and thought it was more like a brownie (differing opinions!)

Munch Seeds Chilli Bites (8 syns per 25g pack)
SO GOOD! Some may think these would be spicy. Now I love spicy foods anyway but to be honest these aren’t at all! Now I have to be careful because I am aware that a lot of the time I don’t find things spicy and other people do.

For me these aren’t hot, they are literally just flavour. I’m not sure if you’re supposed to put them with something, in recipe’s etc. I don’t care – I could eat them on their own, I’m not sure if you’re supposed to as they’re high in fibre but they are amazing!

Again, my sister tried these and said she felt it was very spicy! So, preference/tolerance I suppose?

Apple, Blueberry & Banana Fruity Jerky (3 syns per 20g pack to be safe)
This looks, smells and has a similar texture to those Bear Fruit YoYos. It tastes really nice, would finish the packet I have received. I’m not a huge fan of Banana but I can’t taste it that much so that’s a plus!

Activated Almond & Maple Syrup (can’t find nutritional info)
Loving the resealable pouch! After this taste tester that will be a challenge for most of these. They’re very crunchy, a hint of sweetness. Delicious!

Coconut Jerky (3 syns per 15g pack)
You can really smell the coconut when opening these! There’s also another smell, I’ve never had jerky but somehow that’s always how I’d imagined it smelt. Very potent!

Chewy (again, how I’d always imagined Jerky). It’s strange because, personally, I wouldn’t think of putting ‘coconut’ and ‘jerky’ together but apparently it works really well!

The flavour kind of reminds me of the Smokin’ Coconut Pecks I mentioned in my May Monthly Favourites (though those were crunchy and creamy) but, those who may have stumbled upon that post, we know how much I loved them! Love the flavour!

Mange Tout and Red Pepper Snack (5 syns per 8g bag)
My first thought? “.. what the hell is Mange Tout??” apparently it’s another name for ‘Sugar Snap Peas’, who knew?!.. probably you. Let’s move on.

These, I’ll admit, I had a lot of trepidation about trying. I like Sugar Snap Peas but the Red Pepper, I like peppers when cooked. Never tried freeze-dried, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Upon opening the bag it did not help my trepidation, you can really smell the red pepper. Very potent.

The Mange Tout, so weird. It’s freeze-dried so quite crunchy. Ended up eating the peas like you would the end of a crisp packet. I couldn’t (and still can’t) make up my mind. Not awful, just not great either.

Red Pepper.. Again crunchy, flavoursome. Made a fuss of nothing, they’re not too bad. To be really honest I probably wouldn’t buy them myself but worth a try!

My outcome from the mini taster:

Favourites: Chilli Seeds & Coconut Jerky

Least Favourite: Mange and Tout Red Pepper Snack
(However, I have heard good things about some of their other products so I will definitely be checking them out!)
I personally wouldn’t purchase again however, my sister is already looking online.

Would Purchase Again: Chilli Seeds; Coconut Jerky; Granola (though possibly a different flavour); Almonds

Everything was packaged beautifully! No complaints whatsoever.
I’m already looking forward to next month!

Until next time!


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  1. PrisPieDew says:

    Hi! I just want to let you know that I’ve nominated you for an award. For the complete details, kindly check my post tomorrow 🙂 xx. – pris

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    1. Nicole says:

      Hi, wow! Aww thanks aha
      This is new, will have a look tomorrow ☺️ xx

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