Roast Yourself Challenge

For anyone who watches people on YouTube, then you know the drill.
For those who don’t, a very well known YouTuber by the name of Ryan Higa created the ‘Roast Yourself Challenge’. This was created upon noticing that a lot of people in the community (and, let’s face it, in life) are quick to judge each other when they’re not exactly perfect themselves.

I really liked the idea, he said for them to look at themselves as if they were another person and then roast themselves. We all have flaws, are we self-aware enough to know them?

I’ve seen that a lot of people have taken it upon themselves to do the challenge, and I’ve seen a couple uploaded onto this site.

I am no YouTuber (though that does sound pretty awesome to have such a creative job), I’m just a regular girl that no-one knows but I really wanted to do it. So, here it is. (please imagine the most basic track when reading, I think it’s clear it’s not my forte!)

Hi There, I’m Nicole
Nah, you don’t know who I am
But I thought I’d make this track
’cause I liked the idea man

So, you all know what’s coming
It’s the Roast Yourself Challenge
Sweeping YouTube Nation
So, let’s start from the beginning

I’m forever hating mornings
Yet do the same thing every night
Scrolling ’til sunrise
Then complain when it shines

I rarely do my hair
Single twenty-two years
Must admit I’m kinda messy
And geek out about most things

So I’m a quiet, meek girl
Or the loudest one around
No self-confidence
I got my head in the clouds

I’m always running late
I think I have enough time
Then before you know it
It’s five past when I should arrive

Then I call myself a writer
Been writing for four years
And all I have to show
A bunch of papers and ideas

I’m a serial procrastinator 
Work – come on, let’s do this
Ready, set, go!
The ideas are over flowing

Then something happens now
That distracts me from my work
Usually something like..

“Thatcher Joe uploaded?!”

So, that is my basic track / writing etc. for the challenge. This has been roaming around my head for a while so I’m hoping that finally putting it somewhere will release it and I can think about something else.

All in all I actually really enjoyed writing it! I know I’m not perfect and I have flaws (note the above) I’m okay with that. There are some things I can work on and do want to work on   and I think something like this can really highlight them.

But all in all it was a lot of fun and, if you’re up to it, I challenge anyone reading this to do the same! Then let me know because I’d love to read it.

Good Luck & have a great day.

Until next time!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Megan says:

    I love this! I think I might do one myself. Also, Thatcher Joe?! He is my bae 😍 😂😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nicole says:

      Thank you so much!
      If you want to you should, I did find it a lot of fun!

      Right?! Thank you!!
      I feel he is very under-appreciated! 😂😍

      Liked by 1 person

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