#Brexit… What Else Can I Say?

A simple title for this post but what else is there to say? I have so many thoughts about what’s happened today (or yesterday, I’ve been writing for a few hours now) and 140 characters just wasn’t enough.

I like my posts to be light-hearted and to make people smile but to be honest it’s also a good place to share my thoughts on what’s happening in the world.

Please know I don’t mean to offend anyone with this post, whether you voted in or out, or your opinion was one or the other, these are just my views and I hope you respect them as I respect yours. Though I may not necessarily agree with your decision I do respect it. We may have voted differently but written bellow is my way of trying to make sense of what happened today.

First and foremost, while today’s result was a shock and disappointing, I would never brand every person who voted ‘out’ as racist, unintelligent or evil. Everyone had their reasons for voting they way they did and, while I’m sure quite a few were based solely on immigration, that is not the case for every single ‘out’ voter.

For those who may not know Brexit is a term which has been used in the UK to describe the potential withdrawal of Britain from the European Union. We had a Referendum on 23rd June 2016, results came in early hours of Friday morning and it was revealed 51.9% of voters chose ‘Leave’.

The problem was so much scare-tactics and the campaigns from both sides was an absolute shambles. Of course there could be no guarantee either way how it would turn out however, I think it was perfectly summed up when only hours after the result Nigel Farage (UKIP Leader / Vote Leave Campaigner / Scumbag*) who had said that telling voters “We send the EU 350million per week, let’s fund our NHS instead” was in fact a mistake by the Leave Campaign to promise that. Of course he could have said this before the nation cast their votes but that’s clearly too logical and decent for this man. Instead I’ve read articles, which I hope aren’t true, about him believing that healthcare should be privatised.  I do hope whoever leads our country next stamps out any talk of this.

I’m not even going to mention Donald Trump, OK I just did. You know it’s bad when he agrees with the result. I truly hope it doesn’t positively effect his campaign. I’m not sure what the choices over in America are like, but choose wisely.

*Side-note, I know what I said above about not branding everyone who voted ‘out’ however, I have disliked this man for years. My views on him have nothing to do with the EU Referendum and everything to do with his policies, views and ideals.

(In terms of the NHS, if I decide to do a post on that in future I may repeat myself, but I need to get this off my chest. I’m hearing so much about privatisation, the NHS is not perfect but at it’s core it provides free healthcare for everyone and any decisions made focuses directly on outcomes for patients. Taxpayers across Britain pay into the NHS and it is a great thing. A life-saving surgery somewhere else could cost them their house, or their life depending on whether the hospital decide it’s worth treating you. When will people realise that healthcare is not a business transaction and peoples lives are not for sale. Neither is our NHS.)

There are a lot of people who regret their decision. Some used their right to vote as a joke or protest, some who didn’t think it would count. Something I feel quite strongly about because you had a say in what happened today. There are millions of people in this country who aren’t old enough or eligible to vote and yet you wasted yours. Others regret their decision purely because they believe they’ve made a mistake.

There are also many people who do not regret their decision. They truly believe we can be a great and independent nation and I really hope they’re proven right. After all we now have to live with their choices.

I’ve seen statistics about how different age demographics voters varied, quite substantially.  There are many reasons as to why. Some believe we can be like the Britain before the EU, and in theory it’s a great idea. Unfortunately a lot of the people who voted for this are no longer of working age. There are a lot of young, hard-working people in Britain, don’t get me wrong (I consider myself one of them and many of my friends) but there are a lot of people who are fit to do so don’t have that work ethic, they don’t have those views or ideals that we had in a pre-EU Britain. My question to those people who are able is, will they now work to make this nation Great once again, or will they continue to scam the system and drain our funds and resources until there’s nothing left?

I’ve also read about a lot of people in the UK feeling unsafe since the vote. Please remember that 75% of young people voted to remain a member of the EU, that the younger generation are furious at the outcome, and I also honestly believe (and know for a fact) that not every person who voted out will want to cause you harm. I know it doesn’t make much of a difference, but for the most part we are a nation who love learning and experiencing different languages and cultures, who aren’t only tolerant but whole-heartedly accepting because our view is why wouldn’t you be? I hope the polls in terms of demographics speak for themselves on the future people of Britain, it’s not perfect (nothing ever is) but I think it shows how opinion has changed so much and how we are still progressing despite this set-back.

Something else raised today was that the younger people aged 16/17 should have been allowed to vote in this matter. As someone who is 22 years old I think they have a valid point, whether or not it would have effected the outcome. Usually I read comments like this around election time and I’d think “You’ll get to make your own decision in a couple of years time like the rest of us when we became of age” however, this affects them long-term. They will have to live with the choices set by their elders plus this wasn’t like a General Election where you can vote again in a few years time. There will never be another EU Referendum, so why shouldn’t they have been given the chance to vote on their own future?

Counter to this point while it was amusing to see so many people say that anyone over the age of 65 shouldn’t be able to vote if they couldn’t, I’m also not sure it was very fair. Yes, they’re views are obviously very different from the majority of ours however, they’ve paid into the country for years and the ones saying “they’ll be dead before they see any ramifications”, it is not the best way to express your anger. Having said that I do agree that it would seem that in their hope of grandeur there is a possibility they have done more harm to their children and grandchildren than good. I hope that wisdom and age win-out, depending on how they made their decision.

In regards to David Cameron resigning; I can understand why however, I don’t believe it was the best decision. A lot of people will disagree because they want their own electoral candidate in place running our country and that is fine, you are entitled to your opinion. My opinion is that I currently do not see any other candidate fit to run our country and to lead us through these uncertain times.

It’s a strange sensation, the town I live is one where the majority voted out by nearly 7,855 votes with 25% who didn’t turn up, if the demographics above are right this would be because the majority of my town is made up of the older population whereas, the majority of people my own age had a different outlook. It was so strange though, at work the mood was subdued – however, a trip to the pub afterwards soon had people expressing their opinions. Even just walking through town though, I’m looking around thinking about the people I walked amongst. Things carried on as normal but there was a definite sense of something I haven’t felt before, something  I can’t quite place.

It is my understanding that Ireland now want to reform and Scotland are seeking a 2nd Referendum, I honestly hope that they do not vote one way or the other out of anger and protest, I hope they really think about their vote the way a lot of people have come out and said they wish they had.

I think it’s such a shame that friends are falling out because of this. Whether I agree with it or not, though the majority of my friends voted in, I would not ever look down or change my relationship with those who did not. It hadn’t even crossed my mind until I started seeing so much hate on my newsfeed. They have their reasons and the great thing about our nation is that we do live in a democracy, whether we always agree with the fall-out is another matter. The point is everyone I’m not going to judge them, they believe that is the best decision for our country then that’s their opinion. I’m not going to let this interfere with years of friendship. That’s just me.

So much has happened today I could continue writing however, I don’t want to focus on the fear and uncertainty (there’s been enough of that and there’s more to come).

Though there is a lot of hate and negativity one thing that can’t be disputed is Britains sense of humour. Half of our country feel like they’ve been dealt a massive blow but they can still laugh, joke and have a sense of humour about anything. I must admit I do love that.

I hope that I am wrong and that in a few years we will be glad that we broke away from the EU. I hope that those living in this country, who work in this country, who contribute to our economy will not be forced to leave. I hope that relations with Europe and the rest of the world will remain in good standing.

I hope for all our sake that those who voted ‘out’ are right and that we can do this on our own. I feel like I want to do something, I want to help in some way. It feels ridiculous, how can we help when we don’t yet know the full ramifications of todays result. The scale is too large for one person to be of significance, or at least that’s how it feels.

We’ve had our time to grieve the loss. For the most part we are now on our own and so we have to make the best of it.  We can whine and complain all we like, but what good will that do? I’ve grown up part of the EU, so it’s a scary time. I’m not a politician so I can’t comment on how we can make this nation ‘Great’ again, I’m not sure when it stopped being great, but that’s what we have to do. We have to prove to ourselves and the rest of the world that we can survive without being tethered to the EU, because that’s the life we must now live, so let’s try and make it a good one.

I know I’ve not brought anything new to the table in terms of what people already know, like I say I needed to put my thoughts somewhere and this seemed like the perfect place.

If you’ve read to the end or you have an opinion let me know. No hate whether or not you agree or disagree, we all have our own opinions (clearly, our country is divided) but that’s part of life. Not everyone will agree and so please keep that in mind. I know I’m missing so  much but no doubt this will be a topic of conversation for a while – so whether in the form of a blog post of a twitter update, I’m sure I’ll have more to say on the matter.

Until next time.





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