The Monday Project | Love Yourself

“Happiness means loving yourself and being less concerned with the approval of others”

Week 9: We’ve spoken about loving each other, which we should all still keep in mind, but we should always remember to love ourselves.

People can be cruel but you don’t have to be cruel to yourself. There might be something you’re unhappy with, everyone has something – it’s part of life. What shouldn’t be part of life is feeling left out, unloved or unwanted because of your insecurities. Your family and friends love and adore you for who you are and the person you become every day. We’re always changing, so if there’s something you really don’t like then change it – but do it for you and not for anyone else.

Change is OK but it takes time to get there. Be proud of yourself and your accomplishments because that is who you are.


Any thoughts? Let me hear them! Have a fantastic week!

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