137 Bucket List Ideas

I’m pre-warning you now this is going to be a long one!

I am going to shorten it by not including any travel and instead I’ll put that in a different blog post.

I’ve previously done a 25 Things to do by 25 list.

I hope that if you’re interested in creating a bucket list or perhaps adding something to your own that this will help inspire you, plus it’s a great way for me to keep track of everything I want to do as at the moment it’s all in different notebooks. It may also help me to start working towards achieving some of these goals and aspirations. Some of these will be big but others small – it’s a variety!


  1. Travel
    I have to put it in however, I will put specific countries in another post!
  2. Complete my novel
  3. Attend a World Cup Final
  4. Attend an FA Cup Final
  5. Attend a Champions League Final
  6. Watch the Super Bowl / Attend the Super Bowl
    Technically I watched it earlier this year however, as unlikely as it will be I imagine it would be a lot of fun to actually attend in person one day, or perhaps be in America around the time just to experience the energy and atmosphere it must create.
  7. Swim with Dolphins
  8. Do more tourist things in London
  9. Learn to speak a foreign language
    For example I would like to become fluent in Greek but I would also like to learn Italian and perhaps a few others.. But I’ll stick with Greek & Italian for now.
  10. Learn Sign Language
  11. Stand under a waterfall
    OK so technically I’ve done this one however, I want to do it again because it was so much fun!
  12. Be a member of an TV Show Audience
  13. Experience an eclipse
    I think I missed the last one we had, I’m not sure I remember how or why but next time I would like to actually experience it rather than just exist through it.
  14. Sleep under the stars
    This one sounds good, really good! The closest I’ve gotten to this is camping out in my friends back garden, but we had a tent so couldn’t exactly see the stars – it was a good evening though and such a laugh!
  15. Go to a carnival / festival
    This is a surprising one for me and though it’s something that I’m not 100% sure about it’s something I’d like to experience at least once.
  16. Spend a whole day reading a great novel
    See, I could have done this one by now except a) I don’t get up early enough for it to be classed as a whole day and b) I get distracted early in the day and then once again it’s too late for it to be classed as a whole day. I’ve spent hours reading, completed a book within a day. Actually does it count if I was on a plane for 11 hours? I did 2 and a half books then.. Probably not.
  17. Give Blood
  18. Do a half marathon
    I can’t promise I’ll be running but I’d like to give it a go anyway.
  19. Walk for a cause
    I’ve actually told my colleagues recently that I’ll do a colour rush in Brighton next year. Plus they’re already talking about the color run for 2017 which I can imagine I’ll be walking, but I’m planning on incorporating this into another blog post soon so stay tuned!
  20. Stay up all night and watch the sunrise
    The amount of times I’ve stayed up all night and missed the sunrise, must be rectified soon!
  21. Achieve a black belt in Martial Arts (Kickboxing?)
    I had actually taken up Kickboxing, I wasn’t being graded at the time but then the venue moved and I was always showing up late because it was too far from work. I’m going to try and see if they have other venues on different days or if there are any other classes in my area because it was a lot of fun.
  22. Watch a meteor shower
  23. Go on holiday with all of my friends
    I’ve been away with friends however, not yet all together so I imagine that will be an experience!
  24. Bury a Time Capsule
  25. Watch the best Top 100 Movies of all time
  26. Learn to play chess
  27. Play Golf
  28. Take on a 365 Day Challenge
    I’m open to suggestions!
  29. Move out of parents house
    …One day
  30. Visit The British Museum
  31. Visit The Science Museum
  32. Make a list of museums around the world to visit
    Open to suggestions!
  33. Go on another cruise
  34. Spend New Years in Times Square
  35. Write at least 12 songs
  36. Write a screenplay
  37. Write a play
  38. Write a musical
  39. Fly First Class
  40. Be in the front row of a concert
    I was actually very close for Adam Lambert & Queen, we were standing and probably what would be the equivalent of the third row? It was awesome!
  41. Attend a fashion show
  42. Attend a floating lantern festival
  43. Parasail
    I’ve honestly had so many opportunities however, always chickened out.. Next time!
  44. Have a photograph taken at platform 9 and 3/4
  45. Scuba Diving at the Great Barrier Reef
    I’ve been scuba diving but never been there so that would be incredible!
  46. Stay in an Ice Hotel
  47. Stay in a Thermal Ice Igloo
  48. Throw a dart at a map and go wherever it lands
  49. Make a wish at the Trevi Fountain
    Twice I’ve been to Rome and twice it was scaffolded and had plastic around etc. So it’s still on my wish list!
  50. Take a flying class/course
    I’m kind of hoping this will ease my concerns when it comes to flying as a passenger.
  51. Go to a Drive In Movie
    I’m not sure we have these in the UK so again any suggestions!
  52. Learn Archery
  53. Swim in the worlds largest swimming pool
    Which, if I’m not mistaken, is in Chile
  54. Visit India for Holi Festival
  55. Attend an Olympic Games
    Really missed my chance when they were in London!
  56. Stay at the Ritz in London
    At least for one night, just to experience it! Though they don’t allow jeans, which may be a problem.
  57. Hold a koala bear
  58. Attend a Boxing Match
  59. Attend a Film Premier
  60. Attend a Gallery Opening
  61. Attend a Masquerade Ball
  62. Attend a Murder Mystery Dinner
  63. Attend a Formula 1 Race
  64. Go to Comic Con
  65. Attend a Tennis Match
  66. Go to a Centre Parc
  67. Ride the Hogwarts Express Train
  68. Visit Harry Potter Locations
  69. Attend a Basketball Game
  70. Attend a Baseball Game
  71. Enter a Writing Competition
  72. Do a cooking course
  73. Take an art class
  74. Do an evening course
  75. Attend writing classes
    Stay tuned!
  76. Hold a monkey
  77. Ride a vespa in Rome
  78. Gondola Ride
  79. Visit as may Hard Rock Cafe’s as possible
    So far I’ve been to ones in Orlando, New York, London, Rome and Los Angeles
  80. Stay in a Hard Rock Hotel
  81. Attend an Ensemble Concert
  82. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon
  83. Stay in a ski lodge / learn to ski
  84. Weekend of: Exercise; Spa Day; Shopping; Breakfast/Brunch/Lunch; Dinner with friends – Basically a girly weekend
  85. Whale Watching
  86. Helicopter sight seeing
  87. Watch an opera at the Sydney Opera House
  88. Go Snorkelling
  89. Learn to surf
  90. Go Jet Skiing
  91. Go on a Speedboat
  92. Go kayaking
  93. See penguins in Antarctica
    I’ve now seen penguins at the London Zoo!
  94. Bonfire on the beach
  95. Go on a submarine
  96. Paddleboard
  97. See a Samba Show
    It looks like fun
  98. Go Sailing
  99. Ride in a cable car
  100. Ginga Tropical Show
  101. Niagra Falls plus evening lights
  102. See Moulin Rouge
  103. Bake Christmas cookies
    I’ve never done it and I want to, sue me.
  104. Visit a Natural Hot Spring
  105. Go backstage at a concert
  106. Jacuzzi/Hot Tub in the snow
    I’ve been in a hot tub in the rain before however, that’s the closest I’ve gotten.
  107. Try Travel Writing
  108. Try Travel Vlogging/videos
  109. Become an early riser
  110. Become knowledgeable in Art Collection
  111. Become more organised
  112. Own a house with a pool in Cyprus
  113. Own a property in Italy
  114. Cut out sugar for one month
  115. Be around a campfire
  116. Try a cosmopolitan in Manhattan
    I don’t actually like alcohol so I may just make someone else get one and try theirs.
  117. Go-Karting as an adult
  118. Get a tarot reading
  119. Go on a writing retreat
  120. Go on a painting holiday in Rome
  121. Go to a baby shower
  122. Become a Godmother
  123. Become an Auntie
  124. Go to  Supernatural Convention
  125. Go to an auction at Christies
    I used to work at an auction house so the comparison will be interesting
  126. Halloween Haunt
  127. Throw a Halloween Party
  128. Stay in a cabin by a lake
  129. Own a polaroid camera
    Yes, this is on my bucket list.
  130. Get the Unlimited Cineworld Card
  131. Join a Salsa Class
  132. Try Yoga
  133. Learn to sing
  134. Learn to meditate
  135. Take a pottery class
  136. Make s’mores around a fire
  137. Organise a charity event
  138. Organise a surprise party

OK some travel ones slipped in but I couldn’t help it! To be honest there is so much I want to do, I think some of these probably got a little unrealistic but dream big and see what you can do to make it happen.

I will say going through my lists made me realise I’ve actually done some of them which is amazing! Once I have enough I’m thinking of putting them in another post and sharing my experiences.

I’m always wanting to try new things and experiences so if there’s anything from your bucket list that’s not on here I’d love to hear them! Or if there’s something above that you want to try as well!


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