Slimming World – Back on Plan

After a year of doing Slimming World half heartedly (or half-arsed if we want to talk candidly) last week I decided to rejoin my group as a brand new member. Though I know my previous history the slate has been wiped giving me a new beginning.

My first weigh in was Monday. Throughout the week I aimed for a 3lb weight loss and actually lost 3.5lb! To say I was pleased is an understatement!

Last week was interesting, it was the first week properly back on plan for a while. First of all for some reason I haven’t been able to sleep very well this week, I’m not sure why but it didn’t help. What also didn’t help was all week people in my office brought in Doughnuts, Biscuits, Shortbread, Fingers, Peanut M&M’s – all sorts of lovely things which I was determined not to have in favour of my speed foods. (No, no really you have that delicious looking sugar coated jam filled doughnut, I’m perfectly happy munching on this carrot stick. What’s up doc??)

I have decided that throughout the day I’m going to try and have speed foods/free foods/low syn (i.e. Houmous, Ravioli or Highlights Hot Chocolate) plus my Healthy Extras so that when I get home after work I can really enjoy whatever syns (plus more speed) I may choose that day.

I also stocked up on speed/free foods during my lunch break and left them at work because I’m awful at remembering things in the mornings. I had a Chicken and Bacon Subway Salad for lunch, no sauce just salt and pepper. I also stocked up on my syns for home rather than going to the shop after work each day – which is when my hunger/habit usually kicks in.

This week I also went for a meal out with my friends. I ended up having steak with rice and corn on the cob (with salt not butter) and my HEX A Halloumi with watermelon for starter. We all contemplated dessert, myself included. I really have to work on temptation however, there was another friend there also trying to lose weight and so it was much easier to say no. Whereas before I definitely would have had it, I am glad she was there because that is definitely something I have to work on.

So, first week back and I am very happy indeed! I truly hope that I can keep it up this time. I am definitely more determined than last year. Last year I wanted results with minimal work however, at the moment I am feeling up to actually putting the work in.

If there’s anyone else on Slimming World, or who’s losing weight, let me know because it would be really good to help each other out. I’m going to visit family in London this week so I’m hoping to get some things ready so I can snack on speed/free foods throughout the days I’m there – plus some of them are also on Slimming World so hopefully we can all have the meals together!

I think my favourite recipe this week was the Slimming World recipe for Wild West Burgers – they are my absolute favourite thing to make: Mince (5%), Grated Onion, Garlic, Dijon Mustard, Worcestershire Sauce, Parsley, Salt and Pepper – 5 minutes each side per burger and you’re done (I also like to add some Worcestershire Sauce whilst cooking to add more flavour). For the second time ever I tried making SW Chips and they came out so much better!

I’m trying to upload what I’m eating to Instagram (and write everything down) as a sort of food diary, it’s currently set to private but if you’re interested add me – I would also love to see what you’re making and get some more inspiration!

I’m not sure there’s much else to add except that I am feeling a lot of support from friends and family, which I think is helping. Yes my family can be very nosey however, hopefully that will settle down this time around.

Just overall feeling very positive and wanting to go out and have another loss on Monday!


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