Slimming World Update | One Month

I won’t lie to you, it’s been a rocky start. But then it’s been a rocky month.

Not so much with outings etc. I’m pretty much OK at the moment however, over the past month I’ve been sick twice and then I had an issue where a company took payment twice from my account leaving me in my overdraft (…and breathe, it’s fine, it’s sorted. Breathe Nicole..)

Anyway, so I haven’t felt at my best but I’ve been sticking to it as best as I could. I’ve been making recipes and sticking to my syns. I’ve tried to make my snacks at work speed and save my syns for when I get home. I’ve found that works best for me personally.

I’m trying to make my lunches at home rather than buying a salad from subway because, while the subway salads are pretty delicious I’ve found it’s cost cutting and it still tastes nice if I do it myself the night before work, plus as I work about 5 mins walking distance some local shops it’s too easy to go out and buy something that will no doubt send me over my syns!

Other changes I’ve made have been to drink more Green Tea and Water. I’m using a water bottle I bought from Hydratem8 which has been working really well! I’ve also decided I want to stop chewing gum for several reasons including I think it may be part of the reason I was sick (or could cause it again) plus it makes me more hungry for anything including non slimming world friendly foods.

I need to get into doing more Body Magic again because I’ve signed up to do a Colour Obstacle Rush in May 2017 (help me.. why did I do this??). Though I’m slightly terrified I’m really looking forward to it and if nothing else it’s a good way to get me motivated to get back to the gym!

So, what am I going to do from here over the next month?

I’m going to try and go to the gym three times a week.
I’m going to keep a food diary for every day of the week.
I’m going to create a meal plan for each week so I know my spending and everything else in advance, which will hopefully help my slimming.

These are all things that I know people do already and are probably fairly obvious however, I need to start incorporating them into my own routine if I ever want to see a difference on the scales and more importantly in my life.

If anyone else has any of their own tips and tricks they would like to share please don’t hesitate as I’m always open to new ideas and suggestions.

Until next time, happy slimming guys and gals.


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