25 Days of Christmas 2016 | #1 Plans

“I don’t want a lot for Christmas, there is just one thing I need…”  and thats a plan!

25 Days of Christmas 2016

#1 | The Plan

Christmas is a busy time of year and therefore needs a lot of organisation! If you’re one of those people who can wing it and everything comes off perfectly, then you’re a rare breed.. Seriously, you should be classed as endangered! But it’s very rare someone can say that confidently so on the 1st Day of Christmas.. my true love gave to me! – Ha! What true love? – apologies, I got carried away there!

As I was saying on the 1st December I like to organise the month ahead.  Here are some key dates of what I usually get up to in the month of December:

1st December: Lists
Lists, lists and lists galore. If you’re a fan of lists then let me tell you that this is your Christmas!
I start by listing the friends and family I need to buy cards for so I know how many I need to buy
I then list family and friends who I’m buying gifts for and set a budget (…which admittedly I tend to go over but I can’t help it!)

Once that’s done there’s another list which is planning what I shall do each day so it’s not all a last minute mess, which basically describes me every other month of the year – but this is Christmas!

P.S. don’t forget your advent calendar! I don’t care how old you are, get one. Doesn’t have to be chocolate, there are so many kinds nowadays – take your pick!
P.P.S. Don’t forget to make your own Christmas list of what you want, whether it be for family or friends – it makes things so much easier on everyone!

2nd December: Card Factory
This year the 2nd December is a Friday and so during my lunch break, or perhaps after work, I plan to go to The Card Factory (you can choose any card shop you like, personally I like this one because it’s decent prices and lots of choice!) and look for cards for the family and the pack ones for co-workers and friends. I find the earlier I get there the more choice there is and, though it’ll be packed, hopefully it’ll be less so than if I go later in the month.

In this shop I can also find wrapping paper (for friends I like to get sparkly wrapping. 1) It’s pretty and 2) it gets into everything and it’ll provide amusement for the next month when you get messages like “I’m still finding it everywhere!!” (this also works with birthday cards or the little confetti packs – in case you’re interested!)

For my friends cards I like to write in either gold or silver gel pens, my sister also came up with the idea to stick candy canes to her friends cards, just for an extra special touch.

3rd December: Christmas Tree
Some of you may be thinking, isn’t it too early to put a Christmas tree up on the 3rd December? Maybe, but we have a tradition in our house that the tree goes up on the first Saturday of the month! Then mum decorates (God forbid we touch it! Me and my sister even got our own little ones when we were kids, we could decorate it whichever way we liked and put the decorations we made at school/nursery etc. onto – crafty mum, very crafty!) but, to be fair, it always comes out looking incredible. Family and friends who come by are always commenting on our tree – plus our living room turns into Santa’s Grotto or something, so festive I love it!

4th December: Online Christmas Shopping
I find online shopping so much easier and less hassle than going into combat somewhere on the high street. When the parcels arrive I’m usually at work, so it’s always fun to walk in and see stacks of boxes ready and waiting for you to get wrapping, but I’m getting ahead of myself!

Armed with your list of what you’d like to get people, or the shops they frequent or there interests – go compare (and no I don’t mean the website!) I mean look up what you want to buy on various different websites and get purchasing. I find this is better to do at the beginning of the month as I’ve just had pay day. Though Christmas shopping can continue right up until Christmas Eve Eve for me. I’m so indecisive and if I see something or think of something, I act. I can’t help it – I think I have a problem?
When the Christmas gifts arrive later in the month, wrap them immediately and name them! This way any family members can’t accidently stumble upon them and you’re organised for any last minute outing, just a grab and go in order.

It’s difficult to organise anything major around school or work so during the evening how about settling in with a hot chocolate, Christmas movie and online shopping for gifts?

10th December: Writing Christmas Cards
This could be done during the week however, I like to do it all at the same time so I know where I am. Some say this might be too early however, I usually give out Christmas cards to colleagues during the third week, as I’m conscious people may have Annual Leave booked in. The cards are then ready to give to friends when I see them over the festive period and family on Christmas day.

11th December: Christmas Movie Day
So, is everything sorted for the rest of the month? Everything ordered and on its way to you?.. Probably not but either way there’s still time and, to be honest, I think that everyone should set a day aside during the month of December to totally chill and have some fun on their own. For me this is a Christmas Movie Day including all my favourites, snuggle in bed or on the sofa with a cup of Hot Chocolate (make it festive by adding some gingerbread syrup!) and immerse yourself with your favourite festive films. Maybe you want to read a book instead? Or watch some pre-Christmas TV? Bake Christmas cookies? – It’s totally up to you! It’s your day to do as you please.

Though it seems obvious I feel I should say that it doesn’t matter what drink it is as long as it’s comforting and warm.

Once again we hit the work and school period (I honestly can’t remember when schools finish for their half term) so continue purchasing your Christmas gifts and don’t forget to hand out your Christmas cards!

17th December: Christmas Get-Together
Depending on what you’re doing during the month having a Christmas get-together with friends is such a fun thing to do! Last year I had one with a friend where we watched Christmas movies (because they don’t get old), listened to Christmas songs, had some festive food – I totally dec’d out my room and we just had a fantastic night! (Images on Pinterest for leisurely viewing).

If you’re happy to deal with the clean-up so close to the big day I say go for it! Have a few friends over and maybe dust off some old board games, nothing says Christmas quite like leisurely passing your friend in a game of Monopoly while they’re sat in Jail. Maybe put a spin on Scrabble and only allow festive-themed words? Christmas themed Pictionary or Charades? The possibilities are endless.

18th December: Clear Up and Check List
Here’s that clear up I was talking about, everyone wants their house to be nice and ready for the big day and whoever you live with (and if you live by yourself that includes you) is no exception. Make it fun by listening to some Christmas music! Also, with Christmas just around the corner check your lists from the 1st to ensure you have everything you need! Plus, list lovers listen up, you need to create another one. That’s right, I’m talking about the Christmas shop. Make sure you have everything you need written down and may the odds be ever in your favour.

At some point this week you will need to do the Christmas food shop, God speed! It depends on your preference on when you like to shop, just remember next weekend is the day we’ve all been waiting for…

23rd December: It’s Christmas Eve Eve & Another Christmas Get-Together
On the week run-up to Christmas myself and a group of friends have a tradition where we all meet up round one persons house, we have picnic/party food, board games, Christmas movies and the exchange of Secret Santa. This idea was thought up years ago when some of us were working and others were at Uni and it’s been so successful we’ve kept it going! It’s definitely one of the highlights.

**Note: Sometimes a workplace will have a Secret Santa as well so don’t forget to account for that!

24th December: Don’t Panic! It’s Christmas Eve..
.. The day famously known for last minute shoppers and panic because the shops are closed tomorrow and what if we forgot something?? I remember one year my parents had to dash to Tesco and get my sister a bunch of random gifts because they noticed my pile looked bigger than hers – that was  a great year.

Lately though Christmas Eve usually consists of either a take-away or picnic food (I do love this tradition), watching a Christmas movie (Die Hard, anyone?) and opening one ‘random’ gift, (thanks for the PJ’s Mum!).
If you have children I saw this really cool idea for a Christmas Eve Box, something I have to try if I ever have kids. Basically they open the box and inside are PJ’s, hot chocolate sachet, a Christmas movie and some Christmas Movie snacks, or something similar anyway.

25th December: IT’S CHRISTMAS!
What are you waiting for? Open your gifts and watch the surprise on your family’s face when they open theirs from you (I’ve found that’s the best feeling on Christmas as I’ve gotten older). Eat to your hearts content, watch The Queens Speech, Top of the Pops and other Christmas Specials. Have Christmas Dinner, after dinner charades. If you’ve gotten something new and technical I tend to be on those and figure out the workings when Grandma has her soaps on & just have a great day, because no matter how early we wake Christmas morning (my sister usually wakes me an hour after she wakes up.. i.e. 6 am because she’s bored and wants to get into things… she’s 22) it’s over before we know it. So enjoy it! This is what the entire month has been building up to!

This is a general idea of how I plan the month of December. I haven’t accounted for any work do’s or other outings such as Christmas Markets etc. as the dates are unpredictable and are different everywhere however, wherever you live I’m sure they have them so search around! Last year we went to one, even being sick and dosed up on co-codimol I had a brilliant time.

So I hope this has given you some ideas. You may totally disagree with me and if you do let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear your traditions!

I plan to post every day leading up to Christmas as well. It won’t be much,  some will be normal and others will be festive but we’ll see how it goes.

Until tomorrow!

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