25 Days of Christmas 2016 | #2 Book/Writers Fair Haul

25 Days of Christmas 2016

#2 | Book/Writers Fair Haul

Late last month I went to a book fair in my hometown and, needless to say, I bought a lot of books.
It’s the first time I’ve been to a book fair in my hometown and it was fantastic! You get to meet with authors or all different genres of books, some on their first and others on their third. You can discuss their work, how long it took them to write the book, what they’re working on, whether they went self-publish or traditional, the pros and cons of each.

Every author I met was so lovely! They all had their own stories to tell, not just their books but how they decided to start writing and why. It was an incredible experience and I’m already looking forward to next year!

As it turns out this is an annual thing that has been happening for a long time now, I went with a friend I’d made on a writing course from Germany – makes me laugh how she knows more about what’s going on in my hometown than I do!

So, the books I bought:

Hunting Shadows – Sheila Bugler
This is the first book in a thriller series.

‘Lee, southeast London. A young girl has disappeared. There are no witnesses, no leads, no clues. The police are tracking a shadow, and time is running out.

DI Ellen Kelly is at the top of her game – at least she was, until she took the law into her own hands and confronted her husband’s killer. Now she’s back at work, leading the investigating into the missing child. Her superiors are watching her; the distraught family is depending on her. Ellen has a lot to prove. And she knows it.’

Honestly this just sounded so intriguing to me, it was the last book I bought of the day. I’d been speaking with her previously and the author herself was so lovely. She was talking to us about how long it takes her to write a book and asked us questions about our own writing, giving us advice and we had a really good conversation. Really enjoyed meeting the author and looking forward to reading the book!

The Adventures of Katie Button – Lizzie Koch

‘What happens when your dreams collide with reality?

Katie Button doesn’t believe in soulmates. When charismatic Jack Masterson asks her out on a date, despite him being her new boss alongside his more aloof brother, James, she agrees.

But her romantic dreams about a dashing highwayman, heroic gladiator and Tudor lord are becoming more frequent. And worryingly, they feel real. She remembers every detail, every touch, every kiss. Until she realises the man in her dreams is James.

But Katie doesn’t even like James. And what about Jack, who is whisking her away for sexy mini breaks in the here and now?

Katie knows she needs to put an end to her dreams before they ruin her life. But how?’

Now, normally I don’t read a lot of romance literature because, for lack of a better phrase, it bores me. This however, intrigued me. Perhaps because it’s a new concept? What usually annoys me about plain romance is it’s predictability however, with this book I’m honestly not sure what to expect.

Listening to the author talk about it was lovely, you could see the pride and excitement in her eyes and that really cemented it for me. Once again the author was lovely and had no hesitation in talking to us about traditional publishing and so much more in the writing world.

The Keeper of the Key – Mercedes Prunty

‘One last supersonic boom blasted from the gate and one last glimpse of her mother before she evaporated into a swirl of orbs into the gate… She was gone!

Selene was just like any other ordinary 27 year old woman working hard in the big city of London, that was until the dreams started and the mysterious men from the Shadows show up and are suddenly trying to kill her. Then them bombshell that she is the Keeper of the key but not just any key, an ancient Incan key which opens the portal from the great gate in Peru, the Puerta de Hayu Marca’ or the gate of the gods.

Learning she only has a few days to save the world she is thrown in at the deep end, with powers she never knew she had and posters she never knew existed. Coming to terms with her impending final battle with the shadow master, she must harness her new found powers and fight with the help of some old and new friends to stop the world from tumbling into the darkness and being riled by the Shadows for an eternity.

But this won’t happen easily as not everyone is whom they seem and someone she trusted deeply is about to push her to her limits, to try and break her down to fail but can she succeed with so much to take in?’

This seemed fascinating to me, the cover immediately caught my eye (I then found out she created it herself) and I had to go over and see what it was about. This seems something that is right up my street when it comes to books and I am really looking forward to reading this one!

Alone – Mercedes Prunty

‘Time seemed to slow down as I saw the bits of debris and dust start to fall over me like a fine grey snow, time took so long I ran from the everlasting disaster above me, then I heard it hit full whack and cave in. I didn’t even have time to panic as the floor smashed down behind me, sending out a wave of water in the pipe work which knocked me off my feet. More dust filled the fading air and my lungs as I began to choke on the new found fear that I might die down here!

Imagine a world that has been torn apart by war, then imagine a world that has been torn apart by war and Bio Chemical Warfare.

This is the norm now for Stacie, her whole life has been torn apart and turned upside down ever since that fateful day when the acid rain fell from the skies and turn normal, loving and caring people into vicious, blood thirsty creatures that now ram the scarred and empty streets.

As she tries to stay one step ahead of the creatures she wonders if she will alway see on her own but in this new changed world wouldn’t it be safe to stay ALONE?’

After speaking with the author at length about her book The Keeper of the Key I asked her about Alone which she says was her first book. Once again this looks like something that I will really enjoy reading and I’m curious to find out what happens!

Misdirection – Martin Link

‘In this James Bond meets-real-world international crime thriller, a suspicious email sets British security agents on a high-tech scramble to intercept a crime that is about to happen – but what? and where?
As the new guy at London’s Thames house, the national headquarters for Britain’s MI5 security service, the first order of business for Lucas Norton is to go through a series of familiar scanning and facial recognition steps as well as ultra-high tech iMocap movement tracking and chip implant procedures.
His former team her at Government Communication HQ has intercepted a suspicious email and tracked it to a smartphone in Rome. The words Dover, Lewes, Newcastle and fifty eight minutes, along with a voice signature, are all that can be detected from a phone call made to someplace near Berkley Square, London, followed by a text consisting of a cryptic twenty-four digit number. Then the phone goes dead.
The intelligence analysts can see by the trail of misdirecting hacks that this is a sophisticated operation – all the more reason to find out what is going on, and fast.
Although they have little to work with, it doesn’t take Lucas’s team long to surmise that it’s an international heist. But can they keep up with a brilliantly executed plot to make off with 48 million dollars – right under their noses?’

This is the first in the series and the first book written by Martin Link, once again we spoke with him about why he decided to start writing and his experiences so far. It was really interesting and I do love a crime novel. Looking at the blurb I can see something which doesn’t quite add up however, I’m hoping that it’ll make more sense while reading and I’m really looking forward to it!

That’s it from the authors, on the same day we were given a free copy of ‘The Great Gatsby’ which is great because I’ve been wanting to read it for a while. I also bought a book called ‘Ready. Set. Novel!’ which I believe is written by the people who organise NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).

I did try and do it this year however, only got about 10,000 words in. I’ve also been writing a 2,500 word short story, plus work etc. but I absolutely love the idea! I’m hoping to use this book to develop more skills and who knows, maybe next year I can smash it.

In any case, it was fantastic! It was brilliant to meet so many different writers from my hometown, I didn’t even know there were that many! It was an enlightening experience and I really hope there’s another next year!

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