25 Days of Christmas 2016 | #5 Gift Guide

25 Days of Christmas 2016

#5 | Gift Guide 2016

It’s that time of year again! I know, it’s a bit like Marmite, you either love it or you hate it. Personally, I love it!

I love getting gifts for family and friends, as I’ve gotten older the best part is watching their reactions to see if they like it and just all around spending time with them – that’s what it’s all about really, at least in my mind.

There’s always that dreaded worry about what to get each person, this year has been the toughest – no word of a lie! Especially for my parents. So, I’m compiling a list of ideas for you, and if you have any for me please let me know because time is running out and I’m not done!

Sister / Daughter

My sister is actually the easiest person to buy for when it comes to Christmas presents, Birthday presents – heck, it can be anytime of year and I can see something for her she’ll probably like, and usually I’ll end up getting it.

Now fortunately my family don’t know about my blog so I’m free to express some items I’m getting them – and also some other ideas just for the heck of it!

So, this year I’ve got my sister a Polaroid Camera (although now seem to be called Instax Mini’s?) and I’m planning to get a few accessories to go along with it. She’s been after one of these for a while now so I thought that I’d finally get her one. I’ve got her the one in pink and I plan to get a bag and some more photo paper to go with it.

I’ve also got her some perfume. She usually likes to take mine and my mums so I’m sure it will be appreciated. Some ideas for scents are Jean Paul Gaultier, Euphoria by Calvin Klein, Armani Diamonds, Miss Dior, Chanel Mademoiselle; Alien by Theirry Mulgar – obviously only get them one! Depending on their age or price range you could also go for something like Christina AguileraBritney Spears or Katy Perry.

If your sister is anything like mine then she is obsessed with the Kardashians. I must admit I don’t personally see the fascination.. they seem alright but not enough for me to want to watch every moment of their lives. My sister on the other hand is totally invested which is why she desperately wants some Kylie Cosmetics. When talking about this she insisted it would have to come from the website in America, so if you’re in the UK please be aware of the import tax. Me and my mum bought a few of these (three made for free shipping) and the import tax was approximately £22.50 on top. I got my sister the Candy K Lip Kit but there are a variety of other choices and products to choose from.

Of course not all sisters and daughters will have any interest in Kylie Cosmetics etc. so maybe some books of her favourite genre, some tech like a HP Sprocket (not going to lie I’ve had my eye on this!), a Fitbit, if she’s into writing perhaps some stationary or a laptop? or a camera (whether it be for Photography or YouTube). If she’s interested in skincare you could do a clay mask with some moisturiser, toner, make-up remover etc. DVDs, BluRays, a Calendar – the list is endless.

Mum / Wife 

So my mum is the absolute hardest person to buy for because she insists she doesn’t want anything at all. See, a lot of people will say ‘Get her something sentimental’ and all I can think is ‘absolutely not’ – thing is it’s all fine and good until the complaints start pouring in about having no place to put it. She like some things of sentimental value, and she loves a good wordy card but that doesn’t help me much.

So far this year I’ve got her Champneys Manicure Moments Case which has a nail file, nail oil and other bits and pieces inside. I’ve also got her two Max Factor Lip Finity because that’s her favourite and the only one that actually works and stays on for her – this also came with a cheeky sample of other Max Factor products in a nice make-up bag which I also plan to give her because I’m dying and in need of other ideas!

If your mum is like mine then she really doesn’t care for massages or spa days – if I tell her I’m going for a massage she visibly cringes. Instead I sometimes get her vouchers to get her nails done by someone else, which she loves. It’s a treat for her, recently she’s changed where she goes so I have some investigating to do.

You could also get her books, true novels or crime can work well – or maybe romance, travel? Like for a sister and daughter a perfume will also go down nicely (again, my mums favourites are also included in the list above).

For skincare we’re quite different and last year I got my mum a No7 gift set which she adored, so much so my sister got her one for her birthday last month – not going to lie I feel like my idea was stolen which is why I need another idea for this month!

Dad / Husband

Usually my Dad is very easy to buy for but this year it has been unusually difficult. Still, he’s still generally interested in the same things only now he has a lot of it already which makes it difficult.

But, there’s still some ideas! For example if he’s into sports perhaps get him something from his favourite sports team (this is a tradition for me, I always buy him something Arsenal – whether it be a scarf, a book or a chefs hat). This year happens to be an autobiography by an Arsenal Legend, so I hope he likes that (the last one went down pretty well!).

I also got him a jumper – it can be any you think he will like, or even a Christmas jumper if you want to be daring!

Depending on your price range you could also get him a Cineworld Unlimited Card, or perhaps a voucher so he can go and see something he likes. Again some books, a tie or a fragrance like Mont Blanc or Joop. DVDs/BluRays (or a BluRay Player if he doesn’t have one and is interested), a Smart TV or Curved TV.

Another idea is some cufflinks, and perhaps a box to go with it if he doesn’t already have one. An idea I liked was to get him a cufflinks box and inside have some novelty cufflinks which said “I love my Dad” that was until I realised he does indeed already have a box. The thing is he would never have worn them, just something to make him smile when retrieving what he would wear that day/evening.

Also think about his hobbies and interests: Movies; Photography; Instruments; Gardening; Sports (spectator or participant); Cooking; Traveling – and try to get something on that.

Brother / Son

This one is tough to come up with ideas because I don’t have a brother… or a son for that matter!

But I’d think it’s quite similar to anything else on this list and I feel it’s going to start getting repetitive so I’ll be brief in saying something to do with sports (if that interests him); Gaming i.e. PlayStation 4 or X-Box One with some games to go with them (Final Fantasy; Gears of War; Fifa; Assassins Creed; Skyrim; Mario etc.).

Books; Gadgets; Camera; Laptop; BluRay Player; DVDs; BluRays; iTunes Vouchers; Amazon Vouchers; Calendar (TV show like Top Gear?); Fragrance or some skincare products?


Finally onto friends but, let’s be honest, these are probably the easiest people to buy for when it comes to gift giving.

So with one group of friends we usually get together around Christmas and do a ‘Secret Santa’ only it’s not really a secret. Each year we have a spending limit, put our names on the gifts and put it into a pile. A name is pulled out of a bag or hat, whichever name you get is who your gift is from. If you get yourself you obviously go again.

This was an idea we had when some of us were working and others were at Uni and it’s worked so well we’ve kept it all these years and I love it! It’s actually something I look forward to every year because it’s also a day we get together, watch movies, play board games, have food and just a general catch up because most of the year we’re in completely different places due to work commitments and other things like that.

With another group of friends we give gifts to each person, which is also really cool. The thing is a lot of the time they will have similar interests to you so, for example, if they’re a fan of Harry Potter you can bet they’ll appreciate the latest book (illustrated or world related), board game or wand (my friend got me a wand for my birthday – Snape’s – I love it!)

You also know the types of books and movies they like, their favourite bath products (i.e. Lush) or Brand (i.e. Ted Baker) or just general interests (i.e. games – Cards Against Humanity, Poker etc. or fun things like a light up box) or sentimental items – if someone has just got married some items for the house like a wall mount or some candles.

Something I also love to do every once in a while is do a themed box or hamper. One year for a friend I did a movie themed one – so I got a couple of DVDs, some popcorn containers, sweets, and anything else I could think of at the time.

Another year I did a pamper one, because they do work really hard. This contained some face masks, a couple of books & DVD, some cocoa scented moisturiser (which always sends me to sleep); my favourite brand of shampoo and conditioner, a couple of bath bombs, hand cream, nail polish, chocolate, a soft head band to keep the hair off her face when doing all of this – it didn’t cost loads but she loved it!

So these are some ideas, if you have any others please let me know because, as I’ve said, I’m still struggling myself – so hopefully we can help each other out!

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