25 Days Christmas 2016 | #11 Fuller House Season 2

25 Days of Christmas 

#11 | Fuller House Review

I didn’t just binge watch the second season of Fuller House in one day… okay we all know have that’s a lie.

I did and I loved it! 

I’m not sure if this is controversial because I haven’t read or watched any other opinions on it but I don’t care, I really enjoyed it!

Earlier this year I watched seasons 1-8 of Full House for the first time (the original series finished when I was about three, so safe to say I probably didn’t watch it when it first aired) and while some of the jokes or references were older I still found the whole thing heartwarming and hilarious.

That’s what I love about Fuller House and I’m so happy they carried that across.

Season 1 I feel probably relied heavily on previous jokes, nostalgia and appearances from the original cast whilst we got to know the new characters.

I feel that season 2 really came into its own. Yes it still had the old cast come back for special episodes (which I’m glad about, because that’s face it those who love the show fell in love with them) but because we’ve gotten to know the new characters there wasn’t the whole introduction phase.

I found that seeing more of Fernando and introducing Jimmy Gibbler added some more dimension to the show and it was very enjoyable.

I think that while there are references to the original show (i.e. the flashbacks and the nod to Michelle) they’re things you’d probably see in any show without a predecessor, so you could probably watch it on its own.

The thing is, people or critics can run their mouth about this, that and the other (as I say I haven’t read any but I’ve heard some of the gist) but at the end of the day it’s a lovely heartwarming show about the importance of family and give us a lot of laughs along the way. 

It puts a smile on my face, and really what more can you ask for than that?

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