Guess Who’s Back!

…Back again

I’m sorry I had to do it!

So it’s been a couple of weeks since writing on this blog. After Christmas I kind of wanted to take some time out and get back into the swing of things at work. I have missed writing though but I’m also making some changes so I’ll need to sort out a plan of action for keeping up with writing on here.

I’m doing Slimming World again.. the thing is I never really leave I just drift, but I’ve drifted back and I’ve been focused. I got myself a Food Diary and I’ve been uploading what I’m eating to Instagram, yes I know it sounds sad however, it’s more of a food log and helps me remember what I’ve had throughout the day.

I know a Food Diary can do the same thing but the diary has a lot more stuff in there in terms of tracking weight and also things I forget to take pictures of, so it’s almost like a back-up.

One of my friends also joined this year so I think that’s going to really help keep me focussed and on track.

Last week I had my second weigh in and lost 3.5lb which is great, I’m hoping to keep up the momentum however, I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself if I don’t get a bigger weight loss and instead focus on other achievements.

For example, for the first two weeks of January I said that I want to start getting up earlier and have breakfast (with Green Tea) every day. I’ve done that. The weekends are definitely harder because I just like to chill at the weekends but I’ve been getting into work earlier and, though weekends aren’t extremely early they’re still earlier than I would normally wake up so I’m taking it as a win and baby steps.

I didn’t put it on here those first two changes for the first two weeks because I feel like sometimes I put things on here to hold myself accountable but then they rarely happen because for some reason I don’t make it happen.

I have another goal for the next two weeks of January. I want to continue with the above absolutely, don’t get me wrong I have been very tired the past two weeks but it’s a transition and that’s to be expected.

I am so tempted to put a list of all the things I want to achieve in 2017 on here, I’ve put my New Years Resolutions however, they’re an overview whereas I’m starting to break it down bit by bit into more achievable goals. We’ll see, otherwise it may be a surprise every couple of weeks.

I’ve also seen a lot of stuff that I really want to get off my chest lately, if you ever want to feel angry about something (not sure why you would but hey-ho) just read Facebook comments, the amount of ignorance, full blown narcissism and pure selfishness with legitimately make your skin crawl.

But I wanted this first one back to be positive and not a rant so let’s put a pin in that for a moment!

I hope you’re all well and had a fantastic Christmas & New Year! (My phone broke about 20 minutes before 2017, great way to end the year!)



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