#RedOut & ‘Fans’

OK I tried. I really, really tried.

I tried to keep my comments on Twitter.

I even tried to reply individually to people, but as we all know 140 characters is not enough for me.

So, what is #RedOut? A lot of people who don’t follow certain content creators on YouTube, or don’t watch YouTube at all, may not know but #RedOut is a campaign raising awareness for Comic Relief. This year the’ve got certain content creators with large audiences go offline for 24 hours.

Now some of you may have questions.

What’s the point of that?
Why not just create a video talking about the problems?
How is this going to reach so many people?
Everyone already knows about Comic Relief, why do this?
Is anyone actually going to donate?

Or perhaps you might think something along the lines of “Oh my God, what the hell?? What’s the f***ing point? I’m going to unsubscribe! We all should, that’ll teach them a lesson!”

… Aren’t fickle fans the best?

If you’ve seen the hashtag you’ve probably seen a lot of this in amongst some other people who understand what’s happening, why it’s happening and are happily willing to donate.

To answer the questions:

What’s the point?
To raise awareness of what’s happening in the UK and Africa to large audiences across the globe and different generations.

Why not just create a video talking about the problems?
Well, they’ve probably done that or something similar before and honestly, I doubt very much a lot of people would take a lot of notice if they keep doing the same thing all the time. I know this sounds harsh but I wonder if this would have had the same reaction if creators had just spoken about it in a video or gone offline at different times.

To have an impact you have to do something that’s going to get peoples attention, which this clearly did.

How is this going to reach so many people?
As I’ve said these content creators have audiences of millions of people of all different ages, from all around the world. Not only that but if you don’t follow YouTube you might be on twitter and have seen the hashtag. If you have kids you may hear them talking about it, heck it’s probably going to be in some sort of news outlet across mainstream media and, whichever way they want to spin it, they’ll have to talk about Comic Relief and most people will donate.

Everyone already knows about Comic Relief, why do this?
We all know about Comic Relief in Britain but if you read some comments under the videos uploaded to YouTube there are people who were confused and hadn’t heard of it. This shows that it hasn’t necessarily reached everyone and, as I’ve said, these content creators have audiences which reach people on a global scale.

Also, Red Nose Day is Friday 24th March this year if you didn’t already know.. Which I didn’t until this whole thing started.

Is anyone actually going to donate?
Well, I did. And I’m sure others like me will have donated as well.

I believe that most people will donate because most are inherently good people who don’t like to see other people suffering and if they can help, in any way they know how, then they will.

As for the ‘Unsubscribe and teach them a lesson’ part, that actually sickens me. They’re doing this for a good cause, to get people thinking and to get you talking. You saying you’re teaching them a lesson is essentially telling them not to be the good and decent human beings that you claim to love.

This is so fickle to me. Every day I see people claiming to love the people they subscribe to (and don’t get me wrong, that freaks me out for obvious reasons) and yet they do something for a cause, essentially they do something for someone else and suddenly they’re Public Enemy No. 1.

If you were truly supportive then you would happily raise awareness of the cause, a cause they’re raising awareness for and believe in.

You’d raise awareness intentionally – and not just inadvertently like you’re doing with your bellyaching. At the end of the day just you talking or tweeting about it (in any way shape or form) is raising awareness. Even if you don’t donate somebody else will, even if you don’t talk about it in a positive way somebody else will because they care even if you choose not to.

I’ve said it elsewhere but I’m saying it again, if this 24 hour blackout (#RedOut) is the worst part of your day, then you don’t know how good you’ve got it.


I hope this answered some questions for those who think that what’s shown in the above video is somehow worse than you not getting a new video to watch today.

To those who had no clue, I hope it raised some awareness for Comic Relief anyway.

Much Love


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  1. Jenny Barnett says:

    I totally agree with all that you said in this blog

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    1. Nicole says:

      Thanks! Good to know I’m not alone in thinking this! 😂


  2. I so agree, I am new on here if you have time you could maybe check out my blog


    1. Nicole says:

      Aww, thanks so much! Will definitely check out your blog 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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