Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation

Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation? You mean the one that nearly every make-up wearing person is either talking or hearing about?

Yep, that’s the one. Probably. I mean I didn’t hear about it until just over a week ago so who knows? But from retailer reviews it looks like it’s been talked about a lot!

So what else is there to add to the conversation? Probably nothing but I wanted to share my personal experience using this foundation.

Here’s the thing, when I first heard about it it was from a video online (where else does one get information these days?… Well, except blogs of course!) and the person in the video stated that the foundation didn’t do much for their skin in particular when they tried it but that it was very popular among a lot of people.

I thought, well it may not have been good for her but that shouldn’t stop me from trying it. Then I saw the price tag (ouch!) and then I went browsing (very innocently!) and then I ended up purchasing it and taking it home with me (… I don’t even know how that happened, honest!)

Here’s the thing though, despite the price tag (which I still grumble when I see it on my bank statement) I LOVE IT!

Over-exadduration? Perhaps. Though I’ll be really honest now, I’ve been looking for that foundation for so long! The foundation that doesn’t flake away sometimes then melt away others. I live in England so our weather is very temperamental and if that wasn’t enough I just got back from Cyprus.

Now, I’ll be honest I didn’t wear a lot of make-up during the day. It wasn’t because of the foundation itself but because I was mainly going to the beach, a cafe or some shopping places I didn’t really feel the need to go all out.

I did in the evening though and it stayed on.

Not only does this stay on though, I’d noticed both in England and in Cyprus, that there isn’t too much shine. There is still a tiny bit, but not nearly as much as I was getting while using previous foundations. With this one though, when you dab at the shine it doesn’t take away any of the foundation itself.

With previous foundations I’d dab, look down and “oh look, bye bye make-up, it was nice knowing you” but with this one, maybe the tiniest stain but it stays on.

I’ve put a photograph below, this is me when I’d gotten up early to put on my make-up. Went to the airport, sat through a four and a half hour flight, got into Larnaca, went to the pub and at the end of the night – this was how I looked (no touch ups whatsoever, as you can probably tell)

18426572_10211111152307465_1853028215_o.jpg Is it the best photo of me? Not by a long shot however, considering how long I was wearing it I’d say it held up pretty damn good. Who knows, perhaps you disagree however, based off my previous experiences this is a vast improvement from what I’ve used in the past.

As I say, there’s a little bit of shine there (although, benefit of the doubt it was hot when I arrived, even for the evening) but considerably less so than usual. Also when I usually get off a plane my skin is all dry and flaky but this time it didn’t feel that way at all.

At this time all I can say is that I’m throughly impressed and, for me at least, it does what it says on the tin, or whatever material the container is made from anyway.

I’ve also decided that if anything changes on how I feel about this, as more time goes on and I’m wearing it throughout more of the seasons here in England I shall update this post and share that with you as well.

As I say, when I first heard about this it was a video by Zoella (“My Make-Up Routine for Problematic Skin“) and as she said she didn’t get on with it very well so obviously it doesn’t work for everyone but I’m so glad I gave it a go because, so far, I am very pleased with the results.


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