A Little About Me

I’ve decided to separate the ‘About Me’ and ‘About Blog’ as I think both will continuously evolve so it’s probably easier. So the below is about me, if you want to read about my blog head on over to the ‘A Little About Life Thoughts…’ page!

First I should probably start off by saying ‘Hello’ to anyone reading this! Probably just me but a nice gesture to myself anyway.

So, my name is Nicole and I’ve decided to start a blog. It’s strange, I’ve tried in the past however, I’ve never stuck with it so this will be an interesting experience.

I’m 22 years old (or young). In July 2016 I will turn 23, and wow is that slightly terrifying! I know I’m being dramatic, I used to work with people in there 50s and 60s and they would just glare at me when I said things like that.
I say I have reason to be dramatic! The years are suddenly going so fast, it doesn’t feel like too long ago I was turning 22. I think that’s what terrify’s me really, not so much the age rather how quickly I’m getting there.. This got deep, let’s move on!

This is a little about me, so what would you like to know?
I’m a Leo, if that interests anyone?
Part Greek/Cypriot.
I love football and support Arsenal FC. I love playing tennis.
My favourite colours are Red, Purple, Black, Blue and Green (yes I was a tad gothic in my younger years – not a goth but I liked gothic things. If you ever go to London go to Camden Market, it’s brilliant!)
I’m single.
I like to travel.
I’m a Slimming World member, I will get to where I want to be – very determined.

My favourite to read is probably Harry Potter, it was where my love of reading began. I also love books such as Alex Rider, Power of Five, Demonata, Dexter, Skulduggery Pleasant, Percy Jackson, The Da Vinci Code, Before I Go To Sleep, I could do this all day… I really could.

Music-wise I like a mixture: Rock, Pop, Metal, RnB, Soul – literally everything.

Movies I like watching: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Animation, Family Films (you know, the heartwarming ones), Comedy (but not comedy that tries too hard, typically that bores me) not really into all that romance stuff but will happily fall asleep to it if forced.

I absolutely love writing! I’m currently working on a novel, which I plan to upload chapters  to this blog. I think it will help me be more consistent and therefore help me to finish it. I would love to self-publish it, just to get it out there really. I’m not sure what people will think but to have something out there that’s mine, with my name on it. It’d be a dream come true.

I’m thinking my posts will probably tell you more about me than this page, but I hope you enjoyed it.

I can be contacted via Twitter: LoveLiveNow_X – it should be set to accept direct messages from everyone.

my Tumblr is: lifethoughtsblogstuff.tumblr.com

Lots of Love



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